Playful Norway dominating the B-final

Norway showed that they belong in the A-tournament as they defeated Estonia with 12-2.

Estonia stood no chance as Norway decided to play their best in the final of the B-tournament in the last day of the U19 WFC 2017. Even though a tie game after 10 minutes played it was Norway who was dominating the game. And as the Norwegian defender Marius Pedersen started playing at his very best, Estonia struggled to keep the score level. Four goals in the first period followed up by four in the second made the score 8-1 in favour of the Norwegian team.

The third period followed the same pattern as Norway, with Marius Pedersen showing the way, played at their very best. The final score ended 12-2 to the Norwegian team and we will se Norway in the A-division for the tournament in Canada 2019.

//Kalle Göransson

Players of the match
Norway: Marius Pedersen
Estonia: Morten Talviste