Czech Republic winner of the bronze medal

Czech Republic fought the hardest to win the bronze medal as they defeated Switzerland with 8-5.

It would be a close game between Switzerland and Czech Republic as both team were eager to win the bronze medal. The Czech team gave themselves the lead after only 17 seconds in the first period. Both teams played their very best as Switzerland controlled the ball and Czech Republic worked hard and well in the defensive area. Nothing could separate the teams in the first period as the teams managed to score three goals each.

The second period would be in favour of the Czech team as Jakub Kolisko and Milan Melis gave their team an two goals lead, making the score 5-3 Czech Republic in the lead as the third period began. The Czech team wasn’t finished with their scoring as they scored two more in the beginning of the third period, making the score 7-3 and from here on it seemed like nothing could stop the Czech team from winning the bronze medal. Switzerland gave everything they had but Czech Republic stood strong and won the game with the score 8-5.

//Kalle Göransson

Players of the match
Switzerland: Simon Laubscher
Czech Republic: Josef Juha