Estonia solid in win over Japan

Estonia take home a decisive 1-12 win over Japan despite the Japanese putting in a good effort, not least in the second period.

After about five minutes Estonia’s Kermo Uue sets the pace, scoring 0-1 on the power play. Estonia then dominate play and come out of the first period with a 0-4 lead. But Japan do have their chances in the first and are able to score through Yuta Saito, 12 seconds into the second. The fact is Estonia are only able to score two in the second period giving us 1-6 going into the third.

Japan battle valiantly in front of an enthusiastic crowd but have a hard time matching the Estonians play. And in the third the Estonia team gear up again and Simon Georg Mahla finishes the scoring and Estonia win by 1-12.

Players of the game
Japan: Kazushi Harada
Estonia: Simon Georg Mahla

Finland 14-7 defeated Sweden

Finland destroyed Sweden in two and a half minute of the second period with four straight goal and and are qualified to the semifinals.

The home team captain Otto Weidman scored a beautiful goal when he, with only one hand, assisted him self to shoot a volley in the net for 1-0. The first period was a tough one with Finland turning the result to their side with two goals (2-1).

But it was the beginning of the second period that Finland destroyed the party in VIDA arena. Four goals in two and a half minutes by Perttu Jarvinen, Antti Suomela, Heikki Iiskola and Jonna Rantala.

The Swedes had to chase and at first they did a good job. Otto Weidman scored and then assisted Filip Wiklund to score 3-6. Heikki Iiskolas second goal of totally three, to 7-3, meant good night for the swedish entusiasm.

Finland won 14-7 with nine different players scoring. For Sweden it was the biggest defeat in their history.

Players of the game
Sweden: Kasper Broby
Finland: Iiskola Heikki

Denmark defeated Slovakia in a close game

Mikkel Benjamin Christensen scored twice and had one assist to help Denmark to a 6-5 victory against Slovakia in WFC U19 in Växjö.

After a first period without goals, Ronald Gasparik made 1-0 for Slovakia 5.02 in the second period. Denmark replicated by Jesper Schmidt and Frederik Tronderup Nielsen and had 2-1 with one period let.

Denmark got a good start of the third period with three goals after each other. The match seemed to be decided but two late goals by Michal Dudovic made it close to the end. Denmark, with a good goalkeeper in Emil Brixager, won 6 against 5.

Best players
Slovakia: Michal Dudovic
Denmark: Mathias Toftegaard Glass

Big win for Germany against USA

USA got a tough start of the WFC premiere against Hungary. Against Germany it happened again.

Felix Lange shot from the circle, giving Germany an early 1-0 lead after 01.50. Another five German goals followed in the first period.
Jeremy Bell banged home three shots from the slot to 3-0, 5-0 and 6-1.

Germany unexpectedly lost to Australia yesterday. But against USA, they did not have any problems and in the end won 18-4. Most goals? DJK Holzbuttgen Nils Hofferbert with five.

Players of the game:
Germany: Nils Hofferbert
USA: Carl Eriksson

Czech Republic with new big win

Czech Republic won big against Poland and are now qualified to the semifinals. The game against Poland ended 18-5.

The Czech team continues to impress in the Men´s U19 World Championships in Växjö, Sweden. Yesterday they beat Latvia, and today they had a good day against Poland.

5-1 after the first period became 11-2 after the second.

– We said before the game that we should play simple and shot. The goals came easily, says Petr Brautferger.

And the goalscoring Czech team were not satisfied with the 11 goals. Instead they continued celebrating in the third period and won 18-5.

– I think it´s good, the opponents will be quite scared. We showed that our team is self-confident, says Brautferger.

Best players of the game
Poland: Maciej Kalinski
Czech Republic: Petr Brautferger

Norwegian comeback win against Estonia!

Estonia set the pace of the game by taking a 0-2 lead halfway through the first. But Norway battles back and can win an explosive game by 8-5.

A lot of the first period is spent in Estonia’s zone but they are also the ones who score. Egert Unga gives Estonia the lead about halfway into the first. They also score about a minute later making it 0-2 before Norway comes back. Even though Bendik Baero makes it 1-2 Estonia aren’t daunted. Estonia make it 1-3 before Norway can make a comeback to 3-3.

Norway also take the lead when Fredrik Gjodalstuen scores a shorthanded goal but Estonia come back once again. But so does Norway and the score is 4-5 after two periods.

In the third the Norwegian team scores twice before Estonia can get closer, 5-7 with under two minutes to go. The Estonians pull their goalie and make a final push but this only results in another Norwegian goal. Norway takes home the win 8-5.

Players of the game
Norway: Ludvik Hansen
Estonia: Andreas Oun

Switzerland won by one against hard working Latvia

Switzerland gained control over group A as they defeated Latvia with the score 6-4.

It wasn’t an easy way for Switzerland to win their second game in the U19 WFC 2017. Latvia was ready to cause trouble for the Swiss team as they won the first period with 3-2 with a late goal by Kristers Eglitis to secure the lead for the first period.

The Swiss team wasn’t going to let their loud audience down and as Simon Laubscher served three consecutive assist to make the score 5-3, the Swiss team showed the audience what they can do. Switzerland didn’t manage to secure the win, a lot because of the Latvian goalkeeper Karlis Pops who did some magnificent saves to keep his team in the game and Switzerland had to fight hard to keep themselves in the lead.

Latvia scored one in the third period and did all in their power to even the score but in the end it was the Swiss team who could win the game with six goals against five.

//Kalle Göransson

Player of the match:
Switzerland: Simon Laubscher
Latvia: Karlis Pops

Canada dominate Japan in win

Canada put in a solid effort against Japan and where able to win by 3-13.

Japan played well in the beginning of the game but once the game went past the six-minute mark Canada started scoring. And they would just keep on scoring throughout the game. Five on five, five on four and in four on five, the goals just kept coming.

Among others scoring multiple times was Canada’s captain Cameron Buck who stood out with a hattrick, this despite resting on the bench towards the end of the game. Japan got a goal apiece from Tsubasa Takahashi, Yuta Saito and Eiji Takizawa.

After winning in the third period by 2-5 Canada took home the win by 3-13.

Players of the game:
Japan: Daiya Wakasa
Canada: Cameron Buck

Sweden dominating their opening game

Sweden had an impressive performance when they defeated Slovakia with 13-0.

The host nation scored thirteen goals as they secured their first victory against Slovakia. Sweden took control immediately by scoring seven goals in the first period and followed that with five goals in the second.

Oskar Malmgren showed his furious shooting skills by putting three goals in the net behind the Slovakian goalkeeper Adam Kohut in the second period and one in the third. Slovakia fought well but failed to put up with trouble for the Swedish team who continued with great speed and energy throughout the game.

The third period ended with only one goal and Sweden ended up winning the game by scoring thirteen and concede none meaning they will end the day at second place in group B behind Finland.

Players of the game:
Slovakia: Adam Kohut
Sweden: Oskar Malmgren

//Kalle Göransson

Australia win tight game against Germany

After taking a two-goal lead in the first Australia fought hard to keep Germany at bay and where able to pull off a 3-1 win in their first MU19 World Floorball Championship 2017 appearance.

Within the first two minutes Australia’s Christian Newland could score giving the Australian team plenty of energy in the game against Germany. Australia did also score 2-0 before Germany’s Bastian Einecke made sure the game was tight by making it 2-1 before the end of the first period. But the Australian team scored the only goal in the second period giving them a 3-1 advantage with one period to go.

Despite pulling the goalie and creating lots of chances Germany couldn’t score and Australia won by 3-1 in front of a cheering crowd.

Players of the game
Australia: Jonathan Salt
Germany: Bastian Einecke