Finland won dramatically semi-final against Switzerland

Finland is ready for the WFC U19 final after a hard semi-final against Switzerland which was decided by sudden death (7-6).

The fight was not easy for Finland. They dropped 3-1 to 3-3 before the last period. And after seven minutes of the third period, Switzerland scored three goals in 56 seconds.

With a 6-3 lead, Switzerland concentrated on defence. When star player Joona Rantala scored 4-6, the team of Finland got new energy. Finland immediately withdrew the goalkeeper, with four minutes left. Justus Kainulainen scored 5-6 and Heikki Iiskola 6-6, 19.19. Switzerland had two shots rolling just outside a opened Finnish goal.

It took 47 seconds of sudden death for Christian Remes to score 7-6 and Finland is now ready for Sunday’s final.

Player of the match:
Finland: Justus Kainulainen
Switzerland: Moritz Mock

Latvia celebrates 5th place

Latvia took the 5th place in the Men´s U19 World Championships after beating Denmark 7-3. And six different players made it into the score sheet.

Latvia got off to a dream start in the game. Klavs Ozolins scored 1-0 after only 40 seconds, and Lauris Alvis Stiprais and Janis Ragovskis did 2-0 and 3-0 before the first period had ended.

When Denmark finally scored in the game, which was the 4-1-goal, the Latvian team bounced back. Janis Ragovskis scored his second goal up to 5-1, and when Mikkel Benjamin Christensen did 5-2, Latvia´s Peteris Trekse did 6-2 just 19 seconds later.

Niko Blumfelds became the sixth Latvian player to score in the game when he shot 7-3 with only 13 second left of the game.

Latvia finishes 5th in the championships, Denmark finishes 6th.

Players of the game:
Denmark: Mikkel Benjamin Christensen
Latvia: Janis Ragovskis

USA secure the 15th place after dramatic game against Japan!

In front of a ruckus crowd USA and Japan battled it out for the fifteenth spot at the MU19 World Floorball Championships. Japan scored first but USA came back and the teams where neck to neck until the end. USA took home the win in the end by 7-6.

Japan come out strong in the first period and can take the lead through Eiji Takizawa within the first couple minutes. A stunned team USA came back through Lukas Alongi and would go on to take a 2-1 lead. But Japan would return the favor and secure a 2-4 lead going into the second period.

But USA would turn out to be the stronger team this day as team captain Adrian Hiram would lead the way with a hattrick that would secure the 15th place for team USA after a 7-6 victory.

Players of the game
USA: Adrian Hiram
Japan: Rui Furuta

Sweden on to the semi-finals

Sweden defeated Denmark and secured their place in the semi-finals.

After last nights’ tough loss against Finland, Sweden was set to face Denmark, their other neighbour from the south. But this time it would be an easier journey to get the win. The Danish team fought well to keep the numbers down and managed to only concede two in the first period but as the match kept going Sweden grew stronger and after the second period was ended the two goal lead was extended to an 8-0 lead after three goals by Michael Jansson among others.

The match continued in the same direction and Denmark wasn’t able to create any big scoring opportunities. Sweden kept moving the ball around and ended up winning the match with 10-0 and will move on to the semi-finals where they will face Czech Republic.

//Kalle Göransson

Players of the match
Sweden: Linus Holmgren
Denmark: Michael Olesen

Germany defeat Hungary in front of cheering crowd

Germany and Hungary faced off in the last group stage game at Fortnox Arena and both teams had plenty of support. Germany would strike first and go on to win the game by 7-2.

Nils Hofferbert gave Germany the lead about two minutes into the game and the bench, and much of the stands, exploded with joy. Germany would make it 2-0 before Csaba Bondor could score for Hungary on the power play, taking Hungary back into the game.

But Germany would make it 3-1 before the end of the first period and would control the game from then on. Hungary create several chances but Nicolas Flathmann in the German goal shuts the door for most of the game while his team mates keep scoring. With nine seconds to go Csaba Bondor scores again for Hungary but it is to late to effect the outcome of the game.

Germany go on to win by 7-2, thus securing the second seed in group D.

Players of the game
Germany: Nicolas Flathmann
Hungary: Csaba Bondor

Finland unbeaten in the group stages

Finland made no mistakes as they defeated Slovakia with 8-3 to finish on top of group A.

The second last game in day three of the U19 WFC2017 was never a close game as Finland, who is still undefeated, faced Slovakia who struggle to get their first points in the tournament. Slovakia started the game showing enthusiasm and will to beat Finland but they couldn’t hold on for long as Finland took the lead by Eero Jalo after 4.40 in the first period. Before the period had reached the end, Finland had made four goals and Slovakia one with the Finish team creating most chances in the game.

The second period turned out to be similar to the first with Finland in charge over the ball with Slovakian players chasing after them with few chances to score. The game kept going in the same direction with a hard working Slovakian team with team captain Michal Dudovic creating most in the offensive area. Even though it was a one-sided game, Slovakia managed to score three goals behind Olli Kuisma in the Finish goal, two of them by Dudovic, but failed to beat Finland who showed that they’re the better team by scoring eight and thereby securing the group win in group A.

//Kalle Göransson

Players of the match
Finland: Joonatan Kovanen
Slovakia: Marek Kyselica

Australia won again

In the first game against Hungary and in the second one, against Germany, USA got a terrible start. In the last game in group stage it was different when Joshua Verschleiser got the ball behind the Australian goal 11.19 of the first period. He ran in front of the goal and easylie put the ball in net.

Australia who unexpectedly won their first two games scored 1-1 before the end of the first period. William Crawford slipped the ball into an open goal, 15.37.

The dominance of Australia became clearer in the second period as USA was pushed backwards. And the advantage became too much. Liam Perry shooted 2-1 in power play after 4.58 and then Australia got some pretty easy goals.

With 5-1 before the last period Australia’s victory was never in danger. In the third periods last four minutes they scored three times more and won with 8-1.

Australia won group D and will play semifinals against Estonia tomorrow.

Player of the match
USA: Aleksi Huttunen
Australia: David Suter

Czech Republic won close game to win group B

Czech Republic fought hard to beat Switzerland with 6-5 and thereby securing their first place in group B.

It was going to be a close game between Switzerland and Czech Republic as both teams were fighting for first place in group A, but the audience had to wait thirteen minutes in the first period to see the first goal to be scored and it was man of the match Filip Langer who decided to give Czech Republic the lead. We only got to see one goal in the first period as both teams played with great defensive skills.

Czech Republic took control of the game in the second period by taking a three to one goal lead. One of the goals scored by Filip Langer, once again assisted by Ondrej Nemecek. The Swiss team showed great fighting spirit and turned the result around in the third period and with a lot of help from the playmaker Simon Laubscher they managed to tie the game, making the score 5-5. It was eventually Czech Republic who won the game as Mikulas Krbec scored the winner and thereby making the score 6-5 in favour of the Czech team.

Player of the match
Switzerland: Jonas Ruch
Czech Republic: Filip Langer

Norway sweep group stage after win against Canada

Despite a tight first period between Canada and Norway the end result is all about Norway. They take home their final group stage game by 5-15.

The first period is dramatic. Norway’s Bendik Baero opens the scoring a few minutes into the game. But not long after Canada’s Felix Robillard whips it in tying it at one goal apiece. Norway then finish the first with a power play goal and a shorthanded goal giving them a 1-3 lead going into the second.

In the second Norway really put the pedal to the metal and score seven goals! Marius Pedersen scores Norway’s last goal in the first and completes his hattrick in the second period. Canada’s lone goal of the period comes on a penalty shot by Felix Robillard.

In the third the goals keep coming and Marius Pedersen is able to get his fourth goal and Canada’s Russell Epp scores on a breakaway as Norway pull off a 5-15 win.

Players of the game
Canada: Jonathan Kuysten
Norway: Marius Pedersen

23 goals in Latvia´s crazy victory

It became an incredible game between Latvia and Poland in VIDA Arena this Friday morning. In the last period 12 goals were registered, and the game ended 13-10 to Latvia.

What a game! After the first period, which Latvia won 3-1, no one could believe what was about to come. Latvia´s Klavs Ozolins scored 4-1 in power play in the second period, and then the goals continued to drop in.

– We were not ready for the game because we had played against Czech Republic and Switzerland which was a much higher level. We had to clear our heads. Poland is a very good team, we could not win easily. That gave us a little struggle in the game, says Klavs Ozolins.

Before the third period the score was 7-4 to Latvia. But 11 goals in the game were not enough. Instead each team scored six more goals. The game ended 13-10 to Latvia.

– We have new players and a few that played the last championships. Every player is good, says Ozolins.

Latvia finished third in group B and will play again tomorrow at 10 am against the team that finishes third in group A.

Poland finished 4th in group B and will play tomorrow at 7 pm against the team that finishes 4th in group A.

Players of the game:
Latvia: Klavs Ozolins
Poland: Rafal Zacher