Finland took the lead and never gave it back

Finland remains the U19 world champions as they defeated Sweden with 7-4.

The final in the U19 WFC 2017 in Växjö was going to be a classic one. The host nation Sweden got to face the champion from the last tournament, Finland. The Finish team started of the game best and won the first period convincingly with three goals against none. It should be mentioned that Justus Kainulainen showed his magnificent skills by scoring a beauty between his legs for Finland.

The Swedish team wasn’t giving up the final and started getting back in the game in the second period when Kasper Broby scored one in the top right corner to reduce Finland’s lead. Sweden ended up winning the second period by 3-2 and went to the second rest with the score 5-3 in favour of the Finish team.

Finland kept the distance from Sweden throughout the game and when Justus Kainulainen scored the 7-4 goal in the empty net the game was settled, Finland remains the U19 World floorball champions for another two years.

– We were focused in the game and I think we handled the game all the way, said man of the match Justus Kainulainen after the game.

Kasper Broby wasn’t pleased with the result after the game:

– No, we didn’t win the gold, he said when asked if he was happy with the tournament.

//Kalle Göransson

Players of the match
Finland: Justus Kainulainen
Sweden: Kasper Broby

Dramatic fight for the 13th place as Hungary down Canada

In what can only be described as a roller coaster of a game Hungary defeated Canada by 8-10 after taking control of the game late in the third period.

Canadian captain Cameron Buck shows the way for the Canadians with a goal within the first two minutes of the game. But within minutes Hungary’s Norbert Kvasznicska answers with a goal of his own. Toward the middle of the first period it looks like Hungary might be getting a grip on the game when Denes Nagy gives them a 2-4 lead. But Canada come back and after switching the lead a couple times Canada’s Cedric Grenapin gives Canada a 6-5 upper hand going into the third period.

But in the third Hungary step up. Tamas Hoffmann scores two in a row and even though Canada score in five on three and then five on four, Hungary go on to win 8-10. This means Hungary snag the 13th place and Canada finish 14th.

Players of the game
Canada: Felix Robillard
Hungary: Kvasznicska Norbe

Latvia celebrates 5th place

Latvia took the 5th place in the Men´s U19 World Championships after beating Denmark 7-3. And six different players made it into the score sheet.

Latvia got off to a dream start in the game. Klavs Ozolins scored 1-0 after only 40 seconds, and Lauris Alvis Stiprais and Janis Ragovskis did 2-0 and 3-0 before the first period had ended.

When Denmark finally scored in the game, which was the 4-1-goal, the Latvian team bounced back. Janis Ragovskis scored his second goal up to 5-1, and when Mikkel Benjamin Christensen did 5-2, Latvia´s Peteris Trekse did 6-2 just 19 seconds later.

Niko Blumfelds became the sixth Latvian player to score in the game when he shot 7-3 with only 13 second left of the game.

Latvia finishes 5th in the championships, Denmark finishes 6th.

Players of the game:
Denmark: Mikkel Benjamin Christensen
Latvia: Janis Ragovskis

USA secure the 15th place after dramatic game against Japan!

In front of a ruckus crowd USA and Japan battled it out for the fifteenth spot at the MU19 World Floorball Championships. Japan scored first but USA came back and the teams where neck to neck until the end. USA took home the win in the end by 7-6.

Japan come out strong in the first period and can take the lead through Eiji Takizawa within the first couple minutes. A stunned team USA came back through Lukas Alongi and would go on to take a 2-1 lead. But Japan would return the favor and secure a 2-4 lead going into the second period.

But USA would turn out to be the stronger team this day as team captain Adrian Hiram would lead the way with a hattrick that would secure the 15th place for team USA after a 7-6 victory.

Players of the game
USA: Adrian Hiram
Japan: Rui Furuta

Australia won again

In the first game against Hungary and in the second one, against Germany, USA got a terrible start. In the last game in group stage it was different when Joshua Verschleiser got the ball behind the Australian goal 11.19 of the first period. He ran in front of the goal and easylie put the ball in net.

Australia who unexpectedly won their first two games scored 1-1 before the end of the first period. William Crawford slipped the ball into an open goal, 15.37.

The dominance of Australia became clearer in the second period as USA was pushed backwards. And the advantage became too much. Liam Perry shooted 2-1 in power play after 4.58 and then Australia got some pretty easy goals.

With 5-1 before the last period Australia’s victory was never in danger. In the third periods last four minutes they scored three times more and won with 8-1.

Australia won group D and will play semifinals against Estonia tomorrow.

Player of the match
USA: Aleksi Huttunen
Australia: David Suter

Estonia solid in win over Japan

Estonia take home a decisive 1-12 win over Japan despite the Japanese putting in a good effort, not least in the second period.

After about five minutes Estonia’s Kermo Uue sets the pace, scoring 0-1 on the power play. Estonia then dominate play and come out of the first period with a 0-4 lead. But Japan do have their chances in the first and are able to score through Yuta Saito, 12 seconds into the second. The fact is Estonia are only able to score two in the second period giving us 1-6 going into the third.

Japan battle valiantly in front of an enthusiastic crowd but have a hard time matching the Estonians play. And in the third the Estonia team gear up again and Simon Georg Mahla finishes the scoring and Estonia win by 1-12.

Players of the game
Japan: Kazushi Harada
Estonia: Simon Georg Mahla

Australia defeat Hungary after five goals by Perry

Australia have now won two out of two after Liam Perry showed the way by scoring five goals in Australia’s 6-2 win over Hungary.

The game between Australia and Hungary was a tight one for a long time. Both teams created chances but where unable to score. Almost 13 minutes in Australia’s Christian Newland was able to find the net.

The 1-0 score would stand well into the second when Australia would strike again. But before the second period was over Hungary’s Csaba Bondor cut Australia’s lead in half, 2-1. Minutes later though Liam Perry scored his second of the game giving Australia a 3-1 lead.

In the third Liam Perry completed his hattrick on the power play, 4-1 before going on to score two more. Hungary returned the favor and scored on the power play as well but there is no stopping Australia tonight. Australia win 6-2.

Players of the game
Australia: Liam Perry
Hungary: Aron Viczena

Czech Republic with new big win

Czech Republic won big against Poland and are now qualified to the semifinals. The game against Poland ended 18-5.

The Czech team continues to impress in the Men´s U19 World Championships in Växjö, Sweden. Yesterday they beat Latvia, and today they had a good day against Poland.

5-1 after the first period became 11-2 after the second.

– We said before the game that we should play simple and shot. The goals came easily, says Petr Brautferger.

And the goalscoring Czech team were not satisfied with the 11 goals. Instead they continued celebrating in the third period and won 18-5.

– I think it´s good, the opponents will be quite scared. We showed that our team is self-confident, says Brautferger.

Best players of the game
Poland: Maciej Kalinski
Czech Republic: Petr Brautferger

Switzerland won by one against hard working Latvia

Switzerland gained control over group A as they defeated Latvia with the score 6-4.

It wasn’t an easy way for Switzerland to win their second game in the U19 WFC 2017. Latvia was ready to cause trouble for the Swiss team as they won the first period with 3-2 with a late goal by Kristers Eglitis to secure the lead for the first period.

The Swiss team wasn’t going to let their loud audience down and as Simon Laubscher served three consecutive assist to make the score 5-3, the Swiss team showed the audience what they can do. Switzerland didn’t manage to secure the win, a lot because of the Latvian goalkeeper Karlis Pops who did some magnificent saves to keep his team in the game and Switzerland had to fight hard to keep themselves in the lead.

Latvia scored one in the third period and did all in their power to even the score but in the end it was the Swiss team who could win the game with six goals against five.

//Kalle Göransson

Player of the match:
Switzerland: Simon Laubscher
Latvia: Karlis Pops

Our amazing Volunteers

Växjö is getting ready for World Cup!

They take time off from their jobs, working without a penny in compensation and think it is great fun.

– I see it as a fun way to fill up my resume, says Simon Bergman, one of the several hundred volunteers who will work at the U19 World Championship in floorball in May.

Andreas Bengtsson is standing in front of a bunch of volunteers inside the Fort Nox Arena and tells about the duties that will be needed during the World Cup days. Andreas is the project manager for the event and says that without volunteers, there would not be a World Cup.

– Most of the people who are here today is living in, but we have received emails from people in India, Spain, and a some from Ukraine who want to help and volunteer work, he says.

400 volunteers

In total there will be about 400 volunteers during the World Cup. And it has not been so difficult to get people to set up.

– So that what the say about that people are not lining up volunteers today is now disproved I think. All they require is a little bit of food and a bed to sleep in if they do not come from Växjö says Andreas.

The volunteers is a formidable mix of older, younger, women, men, those who are interested in floorball and those who do it just because they want to work at a big event.

Good experience

One of them is Simon Bergman. He likes the sport, but that is not his maine reason for volunteering.

– I work with aluminum in the usual case, but are interested in the service profession. Being involved in the World Cup gives me experience that I can fill in my resume, he says.

Simon volunteered when Football Championship was held in Växjö in 2013 and he got a taste for more. Exactly what he is going to do at the World Cup he does not know yet. But he would like to work as an entrance host because it is the human encounter he wants to work with.

– So for me it’s mostly about the job itself. But then also I love the sport, he says.

The World Cup starts on 3th of May and runs until the 7th. There are teams from 12 nations from Europe, but also teams from Australia, Japan, USA and Canada. Last time Sweden won the U19 World Cup was in Germany in 2013.